• Inspiration: Nature and Memories

    This ring represents the beaches and tide pools I’ve loved exploring since childhood. I’ve never outgrown that fascination and that is what inspired this piece.
  • Inspiration: Architecture and Learning

    1920's and 30's local architecture inspire a learning project with a beautiful green tourmaline.
  • Making Time and Space for Creativity and Improving Business Practices in 2022!

    Something I really value in having this little side gig is the autonomy to decide what is important, what pace I want to work at, and what exactly it is I want to work on. 
  • Where Did All The Jewelry Go?

    Where did all the jewelry go? Here's a hint... it traveled west toward the Pacific! But more is on the way : )
  • Finding Creativity in 2021

    How are you growing your creativity in 2021? Here's what I'm doing!
  • Fall 2020 Collection Thoughts

    This is the best time of year on the Central Coast. The skies seem to clear up, the mornings are perfect for enjoying morning coffee in the backyard, and there are always lots of Fall activities and events going on. 
  • Complete Studio Re-Do!

    Do you have a dedicated, creative workspace? How have you adapted it to fit your needs? I really think that nothing clears the creative cobwebs better than straightening and working on the studio! Read about how I recently upgraded my workspace!