Where Did All The Jewelry Go?

Where did all the jewelry go? Lemme tell you.... 

I had a wonderful time showing jewelry alongside some amazing artists and crafts people at the SLO Botanical Garden back in May. I love that venue and really hope to be able to go back again in the future! I moved a lot of pieces over to sell there at the time. 

While I was there I met a sculptor who knew a gallery owner who... picked up my card and asked if I'd be interested in having some of my jewelry at her gallery! Would I?!

Well to be honest I wasn't sure. I've never met this person and who knows what the place looks like and all that... and not that I'm picky but... well maybe I am a little picky! After a few emails, calls, and a visit I realized, Judy Ann's gallery is EXACTLY PERFECT!! 

Judy has transformed an old garage into a gallery space that is bright and welcoming, and has curated such a wonderful collection of local artists; sculptors, painters and more. It's fun to look but it's also the kind of art you actually want to own--you know what I mean. There is art you look at and then leave, then there is art you want to take home with you. This is the kind you want to take with you!

Next, let's talk about the Garden Shed. How have I not known about this little gem in Cambria?! Have you been there? If not, go. GO NOW. There is parking, don't worry, you'll find a spot. There's a public lot near Robin's or park on Main street and walk a bit. You'll get a little coffee or tea at Lily's Coffee House, and meander through the garden, there are so many fun little things to see! And great shopping at Ocean Heir or Grow Nursery with so many succulents and even some cool mineral specimens and glass slag (OMG). 

This is where the gallery is, along with all these other amazing little places. And that's where all the jewelry went, folks. It's all there. But I am making more! I had a visit from my mom, she showed me some of her paintings and I was struck with inspiration for a whole new collection! I'm finally using some amazing cast shells and beautiful Chalcedony that you will have to see to believe. Some will go to the gallery but I also plan to reserve pieces for the site as well. 

If you're reading this, I can't thank you enough for following my little creative journey and feeling excited with me along the way! I hope you'll come back here near the end of July or early August for an update, and if you are in the area, please stop by "Art with Judy Ann" at the Garden Shed in Cambria to see some of my latest efforts! 



  • Hi Susan, thanks so much for your purchase at the Garden Shed! I would love to work with you on a matching pendant! Please email me at inman.kristin@gmail.com so we can talk more!

    Kristin Inman
  • Hi Kristin,
    I bought your pink Rhodochrosite earrings at the Garden Shed a few days ago while we were vacationing. I just love them and would like a pendant to match. Is it possible for you to make me one?

    Susan Vander Molen

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