Making Time and Space for Creativity and Improving Business Practices in 2022!

How has your year been going so far? I used to not think too much about the passing of a year, goal setting, resolutions etc. Now I feel it's worth noting the passage of time, and at least acknowledging there are things I want to do, after all! What are they? How long will it take? I'm still keeping it pretty casual, but I do think its worth setting those proverbial intentions.

Something I really value in having this little side gig is the autonomy to decide what is important, what pace I want to work at, and what exactly it is I want to work on. This is the upside of still working full time at my "day job" (ew! JK. Sort of. No really, it pays for the good tools!!)

In thinking about what is important to me, I invested last year in recycled and recyclable packaging. Some of my mailers are even compostable. I feel so much better about this as I'm packaging up gems, minerals, precious metals, why would I ever put these inside plastics?! It's a journey though--I'm still learning and thinking through how I can further create a more sustainable practice from start to finish. Are you doing anything to change the products you use at home and in your business? I'd love to hear more ideas!

One thing I've given myself is a longer time horizon. This allows me time to really enjoy the process, to learn and to grow, to experiment and seek out inspiration and education. Making time and space available also means that when I am fortunate enough to have a custom order client, I can really put in the time to know exactly what they want, and to get it right.  

What I want to work on, what I want to do, and really finding that creative voice and feeling inspired is kind of the holy grail for any visual artist or maker, I think. It seems to come so easily for some. It is a struggle for me, probably because I try to do too many different things (I also love cooking, camping, just got a new bike, have three dogs who need love and attention). But, I got some good advice from a jeweler who I really look up to and admire, to just get out there, commit to being at the bench every weekend, or an hour or two each day. And it's so true. You have to work that creative muscle! 

I have some firmer goals for the year, to find another 1-2 galleries to partner with. To document my business progress religiously every month. To get my FB connected to Insta (why so freaking hard?!) But those things really seem simple compared to the rest, now that I think of it! Wish me luck... what are you looking forward to this year?? I'd love to hear from you!

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