Finding Creativity in 2021

I'm doing SO MUCH to grow my creativity right now. Maybe too much. Probably too much. But since I've moved things like solving the homelessness crises, pandemic solutions and political cooperation to the back burner, I have lots of time to spend on classes, self-help and self-improvement ; )

Seriously though, I'd love to share a few of the things I'm doing in the hopes that it might help you find a little creative vein in the mine of your life as well!

First thing--Artist's Way. I purchased the book and started my "morning pages" immediately. Is that helping? I don't know yet. It might be. But it has me thinking and getting some of the "garbage" out of my head first thing in the morning, which I think is helpful whether you are trying to be creative or not. It also kind of addresses all of the artist-brain things that people tell themselves--and helps you turn that around.

NEXT: Maker's Yearbook. Wow. This was the surprise of the year for me. It's really insightful and I love that it is for anyone who might be interested in selling something that they make, regardless of what it is. This is not high-pressure sales to buy more workshops or products, or do it a certain way to earn millions and be recognized by celebrities--this is REAL LIFE, practical business advice FOR CREATIVE PEOPLE. To be honest I really haven't found anything that matches this perfect blend of business for creative people. I can't say enough great things about it. Go check it out!

CLASSES. Lord almighty I love a class!! I'm still working through my Lucy Walker classes. If you are interested in legit and professional jewelry making skills, but with some cute dogs and foul language thrown in for spice and color, these are the classes for you. Lucy does not disappoint and I'm DYING to get back into these projects!!

Jeweller's Academy (sic) yeah, they add an "L" over there - but if you can forgive that you will probably really appreciate all of the resources available. I've definitely gone down the path of some more flashy, get noticed overnight kind of training offers, but this is just all so much more my speed. Working with intention. Satisfying your personal goals and loving what you do--without getting the short end of the stick. No pressure just great instruction and great business perspective. I can't wait to start my "diploma" course this Fall!

NEXT: my #100DayProject ! I'm actually really excited about this and just posted day 3! This has nothing to do with jewelry and everything to do with learning, growing, connecting and supporting creativity. I hope you'll go check out the views on Instagram @kristininman1001 and let me know one or two women who inspire you!

Finally, me and the hubs have been spending time together--and I've been venturing out on my own--in our new conversion van (pictured). We are having so much fun with this and I'm loving the freedom and sense of adventure it's brought to us--this is rejuvenating--and therefore creative life-giving!!

That's all for now, I really hope you enjoy the beginning of this Spring 2021 collection and I'm looking forward to making more fun, whether it's jewelry, painting, photography or just getting out there and seeing what nature has to offer! 

Stay happy and healthy--


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