Fall 2020 Collection Thoughts

This is the best time of year on the Central Coast. The skies seem to clear up, the mornings are perfect for enjoying morning coffee in the backyard, and there are always lots of Fall activities and events going on. 

This Fall will no doubt be a little different, but I'm trying to roll with the changes. After my initial pandemic freak-out ended (marked by securing a pack of TP at Costco), I thought, "This is it. This is the start of a creative awakening! I will draw on my emotions! I will be expressive! I will get organized, produce a cohesive collection, and learn to market it!"

Overly ambitious much? The reality is that it was a real struggle to work creatively during this time. I forced myself into my studio (garage) and got some work done, but had so many setbacks it got harder and harder every time I thought of starting up again. Then we had a day of 100+ degree heat, and a lot of hot days followed. Too hot to be out there working--or at least it was a convenient excuse. 

Having said that, I was able to crank out a few pieces for this Fall Collection and expect to add more over the coming weeks. I absolutely love a bold leather bracelet and am happy to offer them some of my favorite stones, available now in my shop.

One of my favorites is the the Maligano Jasper bracelet. This stone is truly remarkable, and with so many recent fires in California, I can't help but see the fiery, smoky skies and charred trees in this tiny landscape. It's a harsh view, but for all its destruction, fire is a force of nature that makes way for new growth. 

Maybe I'm overly idealistic, but I think it's the right mindset, to not look back at the charred remains and how we can get back to the way it was before, but how we can grow and be adaptable in this new and ever changing landscape. 

I hope you enjoy the new collection, and make time for whatever your outlet or escape is--we all need it now, more than ever! Be well friends.

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