Complete Studio Re-Do!

I've been measuring and planning and pretty much agonizing over how to update my "studio" over the past several months. I used quotes there because when I say "studio," I mean a small section of my garage, in between the washer and the hot water heater. It's pretty glamorous.
What I had up until now was an eight-foot section of cabinets--what looked like maybe some repurposed kitchen cabinets. They were not fancy, just something that was in the house when we bought it. But I was grateful to have such a large workspace and so much storage. 
sad workspace
Here's my big, but sad workspace. Note the broken drawers. Arrrg!!!
After a couple of years though, the drawer tracks broke off, which is just really annoying, and I was increasingly bothered by not really being able to sit at my workspace. A counter is just not a desk. There's nowhere for your legs to go and stuff is always falling off unless you lean over. When sawing and using the flex shaft, I was always hunching over my work. With all the leaning hunching and straddling of cabinets, the ergonomics just weren't working out! On top of this, the upper cabinets created a dark workspace underneath. Being able to see and having good lighting is so important! With all this in mind, I decided to go for it and invest in a new workspace and storage area. 
I had some constraints, given the amount of space available. And as much as I would love a thousand-dollar jewelers' bench, I knew there would not be enough storage, and to be perfectly honest, the jewelers' bench doesn't appeal to me as much as having a nice, large, simple work surface. I really wanted the space to lay out materials, do my soldering, fabrication, and maybe even some drawing or designing. It's also really important to have a spot for sawing and other bench pin work. All this to say, I really wanted to fill that eight feet with work-surface. 
Finally! Here's what I landed on. It's an eight-foot, solid wood workbench. It's really sturdy. Husky does not disappoint! And is a brand name I can identify with after months of sheltering in place with food delivery!! It has adjustable legs, so I was able to set it at the height I wanted. About 42", and another reason I opted out of a jewelers' bench. I work at a sit/stand desk and this is a height I've gotten really comfortable with.
The new digs - clean, organized and spacious! 
Then, I got two tool cabinets on casters, one with all drawers so I can easily find and grab tools I frequently use. The other with cabinet space for storing stones, metal sheet, wire, chemicals, and other supplies.
Just take a moment to take it all in.
My "vision" was to store both cabinets under the work table, but they are a little too wide (I didn't take into account the width of the top is greater than the width between the base where the cabinets would go). So for now they are just one in front of the other and I can wheel them out to any configuration when I'm ready to work! 
Can't wait to use this new space!
I've got a few more things I need to do before this is ready to go--attach my GRS and find a new flex shaft stand. I also have my eye on a magnetic paper towel holder (be still my beating heart!). But I'm really happy with everything so far. The quality is excellent, and I feel like I got a great value for these items at Harbor Freight and Home Depot. My new space is completely custom now, with just a few key pieces.
Do you have a dedicated, creative workspace? How have you adapted it to fit your needs? I really think that nothing clears the creative cobwebs better than straightening and working on the studio itself. Hoping some new inspiration comes out of this space that I can now say is truly mine!

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